JDNB Interview - Ben Vibrant

JDNB Interview - Ben Vibrant

Originating from London, Ben Vibrant brings the vibes with his unique styles of  production. Influenced by the drum and bass culture from the free party scene, artists  such as BCee, Dj Marky and Alix Perez have played a huge impact on his current sound.  

Welcomed to the DNBB family in 2019, he incorporates soul and jazz into his music  exposing the funkier side of Drum and Bass. We interviewed him last year over at Ben Vibrant 2020 Interview so you can catch up there, but we got back in touch to see what’s poppin’ right now. Exciting’ times!  

His new EP “Reasons” is landing on April 2nd 2021 so we catch up with this producer to find out more! 

The EP Press and music can be located here.

Thanks for taking time out! You spoke to us last time about your EP “Be In L.A” so tell us how things have  been since then?  
No problem, it’s great to come back on and chat with you guys! Everything's great all things considered, as there is  nothing else to do right now I’ve been heavily focused on producing music and trying out new things in production. I  was so happy with the response on “Be In LA” and I wanted to take things a bit heavier and darker on this next EP.  

You play the guitar right? How did you get into music and tell us about your childhood growing up. 
I got into music through my parents, they have such versatile taste and I was shown artists like The Doors, The Clash and Everything but the Girl. Learning music was a different story as none of my parents played any instruments! I  started drumming from the age of 5 and then experimented with other instruments over the years. The drums will  always be my go to though, it is probably one of the reasons why I love drum and bass so much.  

The free party scene is close to your heart right? Tell us about why. It’s not the normal place that you hear  most liquid tracks right?
It is probably where I first got into drum and bass! My best friend Kye called me one night saying there was a party  happening round the corner from my home, we didn’t know it was a free party and turned up to this abandoned  building. We were quite young and thought we got the wrong address until we saw some people dancing inside! They  don’t usually do liquid tracks but when they do its vibes all round.  

So DNBB have supported you hard so far. You now have your next release “Reasons” signed. That must be a  great feeling right? Tell us about the team there, Aaron, where they are based and why you love the label so much.
I love DNBB family! The head of the label is Aaron Mello, he’s a big vibe who pushes up and coming artists on to the  liquid scene. He’s helped me loads with my past EP’s and gives advice if the tracks need a little more fire. “Reasons”  will be my fourth EP on the label and I can’t wait to see the response. I went down a darker and heavier path for this one, my past music has been quite light so I wanted to change it up a bit. Producing it through winter also had a big  impact on the sound.  

“The Path, Feat Matt Pangratiou” is also on the release. That is a lovely vocal. Who is he and where does he come from?
Thank-you! “The Path” is a heavier based track with a wild wild west theme. The idea behind it is a man choosing his  path in life and not to sure if he took the right road. The voice on the track is from an actor called Matt Pangratiou. 

We’ve done a few bits together where I’ve recorded monologues for adverts and radio plays but this is the first time I  have managed to get him into the studio to feature on a track of mine. He’s got a lot of character and is always so  much fun to work with. Big things coming from him. 

Is that guitar work in The Path you playing? If so… big up sounds sick.
Yeah it was my Granddad’s acoustic! He used to love car boot sales and picked up this old classical Stagg a few  years back. I wanted to keep the EP as raw as possible and I felt this guitar sounded a lot more suited than any  others I had at hand.  

Do you have any grades in the guitar, or any music theory knowledge of is it all learnt yourself?
No grades, just taught myself it over the years! The best way to learn is through practicing.  

If you could play another instrument, what would it be and why?
I’d love to play the saxophone! Its definitely on my list to learn and I would love to use the instrument on future liquid  tracks. The sound is so versatile and can suit the theme of chilling on the beach to a cold winter night in the city.  

Who would you like to collab with and why in the future?
I’ve always wanted to collab with DJ Marky, I love the energy he gives off. His live instagram shows always make me  laugh and he’s got such a good head for what music to play. Alongside this I love his music. HIs track “Silly” is an  inspiration on a lot of the music I make.  

You say you originate from London, where are you based now?
Still in London my man, High Barnet to be precise. But I lived in Sydney last year and I’m planning on moving to  Lisbon once everything has opened up again. I miss the sun and the beaches! I always have a lot more energy to  produce music in hot countries too.  

So we are let loose finally this summer. What events are you attending and why?
I had meadows in the mountains booked up in Bulgaria but that has gotten cancelled. I’m waiting to see what is  happening closer to the time, I’ll definitely be hitting up a few fezzes though.  

If I gave you £10k, what you gonna spend it on?
I’ll blow it all on traveling! I love visiting new places and finding inspiration there. I’ve never really been into  materialistic things.  

If I see you out at the bar, what are you drinking?
Theres a wicked bar in Soho called 6 storeys, I’ve only made it to the second but the third has my name on it! 

So, whats the long term goals now you’re signed?
I want to get more music out, thats my goal. Release a few more EP’s and try out some new labels too. I’m looking  into producing some darker stuff and maybe a bit more jungle. I would love to get some music out on Fokuz too. The  label Jazzsticks from vienna is a must as well.  

Which are your top 3 sound systems in London.
I love UNIT 137, they got a lot of cool dub. reggae roasts too. I couldn’t tell you my top 3 though, there is so many!  

Sound system culture is pretty big for those that know…… do you have any sound systems you would love  to play on? 
I would love to play on arcadia, I saw it at boomtown a few years back and it looked like so much fun to perform on. 

Sun and Bass this year?
I LOVE SNB! I went a couple of years ago and I am meaning to go again. If its happening this year I’ll be there. It’s  one of my dreams to play there as well.  

Thanks for your time out. Lastly, any shouts and thanks?
Thanks for having me on! I always enjoy reading the interviews you guys release. I’d have to shout out my family. the  DNBB crew, Matt and my girl Niamh. Stay classy baby!

Well we have a soft spot for grateful good minded people so big up and all the best for 2021 and beyond! 

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