JDNB Interview - Bad Habitz

JDNB Interview - Bad Habitz

Jade Bradley aka DJ Bad Habitz is one of the next big talented female DJ's to emerge out of the Cheshire area to take the Drum & Bass scene by storm, just like previous MC's Haribo, Skeez, Chilla and DJ Kaz, who have all gone forward and carved careers within the drum and bass industry.  Recently signed to Young Guns Records and after impressing label boss Fatman D, as well as being signed to Outset Artists Agency the future certainly looks good for DJ Bad Habitz.  We caught up with her for an interview and also to throw down a mix as a feature on our soundcloud mix series 'Shadow Boxers'.  Heres what she had to say :

Thanks for talking to us Jade! How have you been coping during lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic? 

My pleasure thanks for having me! I’ve been great to be honest, have definitely made the most out of the situation. It has helped me grow in many ways, especially with my DJ career. Since lockdown, I’ve gained a few thousand followers on Instagram & Facebook, i have been recognised by some of the scene’s elite like Nicky Blackmarket, Fatman D & DJ Brockie. I have joined Outset Artists Agency and I have been signed to Young Guns Records as a DJ alongside my girl Frankee D. It’s been a pretty mad few months!

Well done on getting signed to Young Guns, thats BIG!!  Go back to when it started for you as a youth, what music were you into and what made you get into drum and bass?

Ok so I was brought up with all different kinds of music. Rock, Pop, Classical, etc. I specifically remember a band called The Travelling Wilbury’s, also The Lighthouse Family and Alison Moyet, from what my parents used to listen to. As I grew up, my music taste continued to vary, Reggae, Rap, R&B & Hip-Hop. To name a few; I love Eminem, he is still my favourite rapper. UK Hip-Hop artists Foreign Beggarz, they are my favourite in hip-hop, Biggie Smalls, Dr Dre, Cyprus Hill, Toots and The Maytals, Eek-a-mouse, Horace Andy etc. It was actually at a small party when I was 14, that I was introduced to Drum & Bass for the first time. Someone put Pendulum’s ‘Hold Your Colour’ album on which had just been released, the first tune they played me was ‘Fasten Your Seatbelt’… That was it, I was hooked! When I got home, I went on my PC and downloaded EVERY SINGLE TUNE I could find that fell into the category of D&B, and never looked back.

How is the JDNB scene in Cheshire and the North West?

In Cheshire well there’s not a great deal going on, not that I am involved with or see, it’s mainly Manchester, that’s the place to be for D&B. I remember back when I was about 18/19 it was flourishing then it seemed to drop off for a while and suddenly over the last few years it has rocketed back up which was amazing to see, and to be a part of it now, I am literally, living my dream.

Have you had any drum and bass experiences from before you started to DJ:

Oh yes many but this particular one stuck with me.. I went to an event in Belgium (if I am remembering correctly) with my boyfriend at the time who was DJing there. When we landed, the promoter had someone come to collect us, the car arrived and, honestly, it was tiny haha, looked like something out of the inbetweeners. Anyway, here I am thinking it'll be alright there's only 3 of us.. But who turned up.. Only the don himself, MC Spyda!!! I was starstruck, literally speechless. I had just met Spyda for the first time and then I'm being bundled into the back of this little car, sandwiched between him and my then BF... Wow. Then, he started spitting his lyrics, oh my dayz I cannot even tell you how buzzin I was!

Yeah Spyda defo is a don!! How did you come up with the artist name Bad Habitz?

It was actually my best mate, Kelly, who came up with it. So a few of my closets gals had been brainstorming over a few cheeky drinks round her place trying to come up with something, seeing if anything stuck.. Next morning, feeling a bit rough, walking to work, there I go, belching my face off as I do and Kelly laughing at me for it, she looks down at her hoody and see’s ‘Bad Habits’ we look at each other and she goes ‘that’s it!!! Bad Habits!!’ I was like ohhhhhh shhhhh**, everyone’s got bad habits! So I got on my phone, googled to check there wasn’t another DJ Bad Habits, which there isn’t, changed the s to a z because why not and wah-lah! My name was born. 

Tell us about your first DJ set up, and what do you have now?

My first set up was the Pioneer XDJ RX-1 with a pair of Rokit KRK 5 monitors. It’s what I learnt on, thanks to DJ Ollie, who kindly came all the way from London with all his gear to teach me to mix. The next day I went online and bought it, and then did a little research into speakers and settled on the KRK 5’s. Today I still have my KRK 5’s and the upgraded Pioneer XDJ RX-2! It’s great for home use but I do really want to get single Pioneer decks and a separate mixer now. 

Which up and coming DJs and producers do you rate right now?

Always a tough question this one. There’s soooo much new talent about but right now watch out for DJ’s Salo, Miss Bliss, Obscura, also Caurley from Bloc2Bloc Future Stars! Production wise I’ve gotta say Amplify & Latte! 

Any tips you would give to aspiring DJs?

Keep your eye on the prize and don’t allow any negativity to enter your zone. Ask for help if you need it. Practice makes perfect, if you mess up a mix, take it on the chin and carry on. Believe in yourself and go for it. Stay humble, arrogance isn’t a good look.

Which events would you love to play at which you have not played at yet?

From the second I realised I wanted to be a DJ, it’s been my goal to play for Innovation In The Sun, main room. One day I keep telling myself, one day! Also to play at Boomtown would be incredible!

If you could go back2back with one person, who would it be and why?

As of late, I really wanna do a back2back with Emgee!! Mans a G, he drops some proper stinking jump up, I know we would vibes hard and have an absolute filth throwdown, it would be heavyyy!

Are you getting into the studio and starting to produce?

Yes! I’m making steady progress. A way off from releasing yet though but I am happy with my progression so far.

Look forward to hearng them!!  Who would you love to colab with on a track?

Obviously, my gal Frankee D! 

You are stuck on a desert island, which 3 tunes are you taking with you?


High Contrast & Calibre – Mr Majestic

Total Science & MC Conrad – Soul Patrol

Fred V – Tell Me Tonight 

What are the 3 biggest moments so far in your DJ career:

Firstly, both times I played for Innovation. The first one was actually Innovation X Raveology At The Tunnel Club, Birmingham, for NYE 2019! Honoured is an understatement, massive shouts to Innovation & Raveology for that. The other was Innovation at the o2 Arena, Bristol. It was absolutely mental. The crowd was vibes, I was energised, it went off! Big Big shout to DJ Ollie for linking both of those up & again, Innovation for having me. FYI I am a HUGE Innovation fan so to play for them was massive for me. 

Secondly, I will have to say the time I got to play my first gig as part of Bloc2Bloc. I can't thank Jack Banner and Dirty Doe enough for their continued support from the very first time I stepped into the Bloc2Bloc HQ to do a livestream, I think I had only been there once or twice and they asked me to join them and play for the mighty Rumble in the Jungle at Bristol's famous Lakota!

Thirdly, is the time I, by chance, got a set to play at Stealth in Nottingham straight after Bou. He was due to play for 2 hours but had to leave half an hour early and the promoter asked if I’d like to jump on! It was absolutely mental, I loved it, the crowd loved it, it was sick.

Any moments that are more recent?

Just the other week actually, DJ Profile asked Frankee D if she and I would do a livestream for Nicky Blackmarket & Friends and, despite a few technical mishaps, it was possibly the best back2back we've done to date, pure vibes, bare energy and the viewers were insane.

If I gave you £10k right now, what would you do with it and why? 

If only hey! I would convert my spare room into a proper home studio complete with upgraded decks! So I could easily crack on with producing and mixing in comfort!

If only indeed haha!!  What do you like doing in your spare time?

Going out into nature, for walks, seeing the scenery etc. Love a good camp with my friends too, anything outdoorsy! Seeing my family as well as friends. Getting new tunes, having a mix. Having a cheeky sesh and a mix with mates is always a winner! I do love a good Netflix and Chill as well though don’t get me wrong! I also go on Scuba Diving trips with my dad all over the world at least once a year.

What's in the pipeline for 2020 and beyond?

2020 has been a year of building my brand and pushing my name out there so far. As for the rest of the year, due to the Covid situation, I really don’t know what’s in store. Probably more live streams, hopefully a live gig or two towards the end of the year. But I hope when everything starts getting back to normal, and clubs begin to get back on their feet, from then onwards it is looking bright. I want to get my production boxed off and get them bookings flowing! Actually cannot wait to get back to DJing in clubs in front of a live crowd again!

What do you love about the www.jungledrumandbass.co.uk website the most?

The fact you have a Jump Up tab!!! Absolutely love that. I can easily see some hot new releases on there, and click the link to the download site to buy it from! 

Lastly, any thanks and shouts?

Loads, Big love and shouts to all my Bloc2Bloc family, my girl Frankee D, The man himself DJ Ollie, Of course my new family at Young Guns Records & Fatman D, not forgetting Outset Artists. My mates and family who continually support me – you know who you are. To each and every one of my supporters out there, It’s overwhelming how amazing you all are so thank you. And Finally, you guys at JDNB for this interview and guestmix, big up yourselves.

You can listen to the 'Shadow Boxers' mix over on our Souncloud

For bookings contact: sasha@outsetartists.com

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Interview By: Chilla

Edited and Posted By: Chilla

Published: 30/07/2020