Vinyl VIPs - Birth of the Junglist

Vinyl VIPs - Birth of the Junglist

Vinyl VIPs - Birth of the Junglist

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☆ VINYL VIPS presents "Birth Of The Junglist" ☆


We are here to offically introduce ourselves to the scene & bring to you an unforgettable night...
In one the biggest cities & one of the biggest venues..
Taking you back to a timeless era of vinyl music.

For our first event we will be showcasing a drum and bass, vinyl and dubplate spectacular. We have arranged for TOP FIGHT Dj’s of the vinyl era to dust off there vinyl, fill their record bags and display the skills it takes to mix on the famous technics record decks.

This is something some haven’t done for a long time and they’re excited for what we are about to unleash as here at vinyl vips we want to give them the opportunity to spin their favourite vinyl once more!

This night will be special and one that will attract and bring back them memories for the all the original junglist & also a chance to show and educate the new breed junglist of this unforgettable era.

So let us take you on this timeless journey and remind ourselves how and why all this all begun.....

Line-up TBC... But let me tell you.... You won't be disappointed...


Posted by Alex Mackz / MackzOne