The Stevie Hyper D Pop-Up

The Stevie Hyper D Pop-Up


As many of you know, we are in production on a film about legendary jungle drum & bass MC Stevie Hyper D, 'The Hidden Influence'. Stevie was a pioneer inspiring a generation of MCs, DJs and producers across the British music spectrum. From grime to dubstep, UK hip-hop, rap and the current jungle drum & bass elite, his influenced can be felt all over the UK underground scene.

In 2019, alongside the release of the film we have a couple of special events planned. The first of these we have partnered with the now legendary hip-hop establishment cHip sHop in Brixton, London which has seen legendary mic fiends such as Ice-T, KRS-One, Cormega all pass through.

This exclusive intimate event will feature exclusive DJ & MC sets from Hyper D fam and UK legends. On the day, we will be filming for 'The Hidden Influence'. Make this your chance to witness history in the making.

We have a limited amount of tickets at £5 each, so make sure to grab them up when you can. Tickets will then increase when these are sold-out. Purchase direct from CHIP SHOP.

Tell a friend to tell a friend, The Stevie Hyper D Pop-Up at The cHip sHop!

Peace & Love, Team Hyper D.