Pinkstream Festival [5.6.20]

Pinkstream Festival [5.6.20]


We have decided to run a live-stream festival ‘Pinkstream’ to raise money for the Pink Ribbon Foundation an incredible charity orientated around Breast Cancer and we are proud to be helping them. Especially due to charities like this almost being overlooked as a result of this pandemic.

Did you know that Breast Cancer claims around 12,000 lives of women each year and the amount of women being diagnosed is continuing to jump up. We will be launching a fundraising page where you can help us by watching these streams and donating (even if it is just a little). We have crafted an all female line up full of some of our favourite legends & up and coming talent to help us raise the money. We would love to say a massive thank you to these drumgyals n jungyals for helping us out and we really couldn’t of organised this at a more relevant time. We are sure many can agree that some happenings within the scene lately have had an effect on the women in the scene so we wanted to also make them come together!

5th, 6th and 7th June 2020 - Save the Date

Any shares would be greatly appreciated.

Track: Jamurai - Junglist’s World
Video: Disturbed Visionary

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