Help Sharon Beat Lipoedema! Messenga: 12 Hour Marathon DJ Set

Help Sharon Beat Lipoedema! Messenga: 12 Hour Marathon DJ Set




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This is happening to my mum, Sharon. Stage 4 lipoedema is looming unless we get help.

Sharon travelled to Germany last year and paid for 1 round of treatment, but at least 3 more are required before she hits stage 4 and it becomes untreatable.

Each treatment costs £4,000. This fundraiser is aiming to reach donations of £500 to contribute to an overall target of £12,000.


Lipoedema is a painful fat disease. It grows and grows and is painful. It has absolutely nothing to do with diet or exercise and is impossible to be lost as such. The only solution is at least 4 rounds of surgery, which is not funded by the NHS. It’s a pile of sh*t. Doctors say the treatment needed is wrongly classed as cosmetic surgery and therefore not funded, despite its detrimental effects.

After years of battling, there is still no funding from the NHS, so it's a race against time before the disease stops Sharon in her tracks and she becomes immobile, cannot continue in business and ultimately lose her livelihood. She is at stage 3 already and stage 4 is not far away.

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*Messenga: 12 Hour Marathon DJ Set*

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Delight - Detail - Jolla - K Koi - Westman - Ydott

Streaming From: Minerva streetwear
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All donators will be entered in to a prize draw to win:

▬ Family Ticket (2 x Adults & 2 x Children) to Crealy Theme Park

▬ 2 x Tickets to Eclipse: Spectrasoul, Fade Black & Klinical

▬ 2 x Tickets to a super special undisclosed Eclipse Plymouth event.

- 2 x Tickets to a future 2SME event

- 2 x Lifetime tickets to Occult Events

- 1 x Occult Events T-Shirt

Winners announced live at the end of the event.


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