'The Heist' Immersive Party with DJ Hype

'The Heist' Immersive Party with DJ Hype

'The Heist' Immersive Party with DJ Hype

The Heist immersive party is an exciting addition to the world of immersive events and club nights. Produced by Unstuck Presents, the party sees club-goers execute a bank robbery (to an adrenaline-pumping soundtrack) and invites you to meet London's most notorious gang boss!

Immersive theatre's popularity is at an all-time high. Events like Secret Cinema’s Casino Royale sold a record number of tickets this year grossing over $10 million. Leading club brands like Elrow have adopted some immersive devices like in crowd actors and costumed dancers to great effect and sold out their 15,000 capacity London Festival this year.

By taking storytelling devices like walk-throughs, original scripts and one-on-one character interactions found at immersive shows, The Heist introduces story-driven adventure to the club environment. Following its sold-out debut, The Heist returns to London on Dec 6th with DJ Hype as headliner. Check out The Heist promo video to get you pumped!

Ticket link: theheisttickets

Event link: theheistparty

Location: Low Profile Studios, 83-107 Vale Road, London

Date: Friday December 6th

Event Time: 22:00 - 04:00

Posted by Brenton Clerkin