{20-23.06.24} Hospitality Unveil Debut India tour with DnB India

{20-23.06.24} Hospitality Unveil Debut India tour with DnB India


Since their inception back in 2013 in Bangalore, Dnb India have been building and nurturing drum and bass in India and marked a pivotal shift in the scene over there over the past decade. From hosting intimate parties to taking the events on an even wider scale now, Dnb India now leads the charge for the genre in India, taking it from strength to strength and building its bubbling popularity with touring heavyweights as well as championing local, rising talent.

Their education on the scene through online content has been essential for drum and bass to grow there. It started as a personal passion from Debs to champion the music he loved and is now a full throttle drum and bass movement as he describes below. His passion has been key for the scene's success across all regions of India and this link up for the Hospitality debut tour in India will take drum and bass to the next level.

It is important that people like Debs exist to create a vibrant and fresh scene driven with culture and community, and now drum and bass is beginning to thrive in India step by step since the continent's first taste of the genre with Talvin Singh's release of the groundbreaking compilation 'Anokha: Soundz Of The Asian Underground' in 1997

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Posted By Mark Jeffers