[14.10.21] Blasio Kavuma: Jungle // Featuring Tom Mason, Suitman Jungle And Cecilia Bignall

[14.10.21] Blasio Kavuma: Jungle // Featuring Tom Mason, Suitman Jungle And Cecilia Bignall


This Event Was Originally Scheduled For Wednesday 18 March 2020 – Please Note The New Date And Venue.

Suitman Jungle

Cecilia Bignall, cello
New work by Blasio Kavuma

Tom Mason

With DJ sets from Decibella and Chris Inperspective

Strings and breaks – jungle goes classical in this event curated by Nonclassical Associate Composer Blasio Kavuma, featuring Tom Mason, Suitman Jungle and Cecilia Bignall.

The architecture of jungle and drum & bass is knocked down and reassembled in front of our eyes, melding it with contemporary classical, jazz and live performance to explore new potential for this enduring and influential music. ‘The inspiration for the night came from my long-standing addiction to Jungle music,’ says Blasio. ‘As a composer I'm constantly seeking to bridge urban music with contemporary composition. I wanted to bring together artists who are also working to achieve this to present their work.’

Blasio electronically mangles Cecilia Bignall’s cello improvisations, the rhythm of the breakbeats lurking beneath the surface in his new work, Soundclash. Elsewhere, Suitman Jungle – the creation of percussionist Marc Pell – brings jungle to life in real time from behind his drum kit, armed with effects pedals and synth pads. Finally, improvising bassist Tom Mason plays over his own productions released under the alias Son of Mothra, exploring the different percussive textures of the classic breakbeat canon, fusing it with abstract soundscapes and fragmented jazz harmony. 

The night will be interspersed with live DJ sets from Chris Inperspective and Decibella, capturing the authentic sound of jungle across its broad spectrum of forms.

Suitman Jungle

Cecilia Bignall, Cello
New Work By Blasio Kavuma

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Tickets £6 (Concession*), £10 (Advance), £12 (On The Door)

*concessions include students with valid NUS card, JSA, ESA and the over 60s.

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Posted by Mark Jeffers