Youngman - Sorry (Stripped Back Edit)

Youngman - Sorry (Stripped Back Edit)

Release- 18th December

Technique Recordings

Youngman is, seemingly, on a campaign to expand the parameters of vocal drum 'n' bass music. To be fair, having established himself as an elite-level writer and performer, even employing his skills writing for Britney Spears-level mainstream artists, it's probably no wonder that he's refusing to be constrained by convention. Only recently, his ground-breaking three-part release “Spinning” saw multiple production styles applied to one vocal. And, just a few months before that, he brought us one of DnB's very few cover versions, with his take on the UKG anthem “Sorry”.

Now, we've got another powerful Youngman statement with the “Stripped Back Edit” of “Sorry”. This goes to places you've never heard before on Technique Recordings, or, probably, on any other DnB label. Simple piano chords and the subtlest of effects lay the foundations. Then that neo-classic vocal rolls in. And that, laid bare, is the heart of the tune.

It's DnB tempo, but the rhythm section, the movement and energy, is all in Youngman's voice and the piano accompaniment. Amazingly, even shorn of the bassline and rolling beats, there's still that build and fall of drum 'n' bass structure. Dextrous use of harmonies and the most delicate of reverberating samples are all that's added to keep listeners entranced until the final, fragile chord.

To release a piece like this, an almost acoustic reinterpretation of “Sorry”, on a drum 'n' bass label, marks a whole new level of Youngman's musical innovation. Still, somehow, the journey's never been less than engaging and emotive. This is an artist who, even in the midst of experimentation, never leaves the audience behind. Where can he take us next?

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Posted By Artie Jones