The Prophecy - Modulation [Red Light Records]

The Prophecy - Modulation [Red Light Records]

Release Date       OUT NOW

Label                    Red Light Records

Cat No                  RLDIG035

Slovakian drum & bass producers Ero Drummer and M.Bass have spent time crafting their alias The Prophecy in electronic solitude; they’re a duo who has been picked up by some of the most pivotal independents throughout the dance music scene. Whether it’s Serotone, Ram Records, ProgRAM or Let it Roll’s own imprint, they’ve become a defining part within the discographies of many genre-leading labels. For their forthcoming single ‘Modulation’ and ‘Basement’ they’ve returned to Red Light Records, lead by renowned pioneer Optiv and pushed forward by its uncompromising wealth of talent within their roster.

‘Modulation’ is a single which once again demonstrates why The Prophecy has been gaining traction within their genre. Its construction points at how meticulous their production standard is, with carefully layered beat patterns and a heavyweight bassline which adds to the track’s heavier elements. The track begins to build steadily on light percussion, before its breakdown drops into segments of pumping distortion. Each flurry of beats pushes the track further and further onto the dancefloor, a sure-fire record which will rattle club speakers from Slovakia to the UK. It sets a precedent for the duo, epitomising a level of sonic manufacturing often not seen within artists just at the beginning stages of their career.

On the record’s flip, ‘Basement’ moves you into cavernous levels, with bass drawing you into its composition and which leaves the track shaking from its skeleton. A rolling pattern of kick drums pushes throughout the mix, becoming more and more overbearing until the record finally breaks. LFO bass pushes through each sheet of engineering, creating a hard-hitting cut which is sure to find itself nestled within sets over this year’s darker club nights. The Prophecy prove that they’re able to stand up against their counterparts, pushing hard on both sides of the single and enabling you to become enveloped within their signature. They’re an outfit who are swiftly moving up through the ranks and alongside labels like Redlight it’s likely to continue until their names are alongside the most revered. And with ‘Modulation’ and ‘Basement’ sitting in their wake, The Prophecy’s influence is set to grow.