Neve: The Message EP [The Dreamers Recordings]

Neve: The Message EP [The Dreamers Recordings]

Release date       December 18th 2017

Label                   The Dreamers Recordings

Cat No                 TDR017

The Dreamers Recordings is a label based in Turin, Italy and its mission is to deliver the most innovative drum and bass music from up and coming producers.

Neve is back to The Dreamers! He’s the man behind this label, responsible for A+R, mastering and promotion of the music you hear, in synergy with all The Dreamers Crew. In the last year, after the acclaimed “Magic Flute” and his single on The Dreamers, Neve released various collaborations on labels such as Shogun Audio, The Dreamers and Delta9.

With this new release Neve defines again his trademark sound, with influences from 90s music, house, jungle and warm analog frequencies, projected in futuristic sonic spaces. The title “The Message” has a deep meaning for Neve: in his own words “the music is one of the main communication media, and on this EP I decided to explore the harmonies and mellow sounds because I want to send a positive hopeful message, with a good vibration”. His work really reflects the vibe of The Dreamers renowned parties and in this EP it is possible to find 4 tracks, each one with his own characteristics that can work both on the radio and on the dancefloor.

The EP starts with “Oak City” a dreamy halfstep deep bass track where the main sound is generated by an 808. “Everytime” is a melodic roller made in collaboration with Wild Hits and Norah B. “Reanimate” has some experimental drums and hard basses but it keeps the colourful melodic sound of the EP. “The Message” is the last track of the EP and encloses in its piano riff all the emotions that Neve wants to express.