Multi Function Music - Sound:2018 (Sampler)

Multi Function Music - Sound:2018 (Sampler)

Release Date                 December 29th, 2017

Label                              Multi Function Music

Catalog Number             MFSOUND002


It's that time of year again when Multi Function compile some of their biggest tracks released in 2017, chuck in some brand new and exclusive cuts from the likes of Freek, Jayline, Envenom & Bou and give you an album to see you in to the new year.

Opening up the LP is Jayline's "Gonna Lose My Baby" with eerie strings and chopped up piano samples creating a tense horror movie ambiance before the vocal switches up to unleash the roaring bass and Jayline's trademark wobbles over the clean, rolling drums. Bou follows up with some moshpit inducing energy with "Climax", the stabby synth work and punching drums make for a peak time dancefloor destroyer. Next up is 2 tracks from Multi Function family member Envenom in the shape of "Street Lights" and "Still I Feel It". Both deliver that stepping, bass driven, upfront sound that is in high demand.

Finally, Jayline & Freek drop their first ever collaboration in the form of "Huckleberry Grim". Chop ped samples and a cheeky vocal lay the roots for the sub-low bassline roller that's tweaked and tuned with precision to rattle rib cages when dropped on the big systems.


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