Kursiva: Provoke / Juggernaught (ft. Hijak MC & Transforma) [C4C Limited]

 Kursiva: Provoke / Juggernaught (ft. Hijak MC & Transforma) [C4C Limited]

Release Date       December 25th 2017

Label                    C4C Limited

Cat No                  LTDC4C002

In this second instalment on the recently re-launched C4C Limited, we welcome Kursiva, alongside the vocal talents of Hijak MC and the production talents of Transforma.

Provoke' takes on the traditional neuro-infused roller but with Hijak MC's signature vocals. With craftily distorted bass and rolling drum patterns, Kursiva slowly begins to build his track layer on layer, creating a cascading monster. Bouncing between breaks, Hijak MC takes you deep into a dark and dirty world, one that forces the listener to pay attention.

Juggernaut' gradually moves itself forward on cranking drum patterns and slowly creeping synths cutting through the mix, edging out its atmospherics and then crashing forward on its grating snare. Pounding warped aquatic sub undertones rattle each beat, resulting in you becoming more tightly gripped with every sound and layer. This beast of a collaboration between Kursiva and Transforma demonstrates C4C's contempora ry standards and elevated understanding of the realm they reign over.

"We hope you enjoy and support this release!" Optiv & CZA

Beatport Exc: 25th Dec