Digital: Spacefunk Remixes [Function Records]

Digital: Spacefunk Remixes [Function Records]

Release Date       February 15th 2018

Label                    Function Records

Cat No                  FUNC044

Digital's Spacefunk Remixes is the next release on Function Records, this was his first solo record from 1995, "Spacefunk" plus the remastered remixes from Future Bound, Goldie's, Rugige Kru, Doc Scott's, Nasty Habits, Photek's, Special Forces plus a brand new mix from the talented and awesome bloke, Om Unit.

Digital "I'm releasing this 2x12" double pack because I want to celebrate Spacefunk as it did wonders early on in my career and furthermore, Rufige Kru, Nasty Habits and Special Forces have been important influences on me and here's why...... (It's a shame Manix ain't on this list but you can't have everything hey).

I must give Fabio a shout and a thank you for the amazing support he had for me in my early years. He battered Spacefunk for a good 5 or 6 years solid and furthermore, he actually named it......Well kind of lol When he played it on radio 1 it was untitled so Fabio introduced it something like this, "Next up is som e Spacefunk bizness from Digital" so I stole it!"

Fabio "If there is one track that sums up the power of the amen brothers timeless break it's Spacefunk. The amen break is the most used of all breaks . Yet it is difficult to get it right . On Spacefunk Digital nailed it . The famous breakbeat shines on Spacefunk . Wrapped in strings and bleeps this is hard to beat . It always destroys the dance . No matter whether new or old skool this is the ultimate dancefloor destroyer . Dark and powerful Spacefunk is the epitome of Amen."

Goldie "Spacefunk was a massive part of metalheadz @bluenote definitely one of the anthems."

Posted By Mike Bennett (fuzzyfeltman)