Supply & Demand

Jubbz aka Supply & Demand

Supply and Demand aka Jubbz just has just relaunched his iconic label with 4 tracks on Cold Steel Records, so while his name is hot off the press we delve deeper to find out a little more....

Q1) Thanks for your time out! How has 2017 been treating you so far?

A) Thank you for the interview... Well 2017 has been eventful from a music point of view Building a new studio and then getting used to acoustics that was a challenge but The return of Cold Steel has put the biggest smile on my face. I already knew what had to Be done this year but I did not see Cold Steel coming. So 2017 loving it!


Q2) So you settled in Morrocco after growing up in Moss Side Mancheser then Brixton? Quite rough areas.. was it an escape and are you still there?

A) Jeez the memories roll through my mind whenever I hear Moss Side (Music was my escape). Definitely music. I moved to morocco in 2013 that was a musical soul searching mission and all I can say about that experience is wow. I’m back in the south London now and it’s great to see friends I have not seen for years and a whole new bunch of ravers.


Q3) So it was the late eighties you got your music career started when you were kicked out of high school? What made you fall in love with jungle drum and bass and can you tell us a bit about that?

A) Ok I grew up on reggae, soul, hip hop, and some jazz which all had that live band element. I went to Hammersmith Palace with (the mob) years and years ago Frost was playing. It was acid house at the time but I noticed the music didn’t stop im thinking this is a long tune wah a gwan. I’ve realised Frost was mixing, shit now I used to play on a sound system and we would flip records over to the version and to change a tune the music had to stop. When I could understand what I was listening to it blew me away the live band thing had gone. Ok I said to myself so how the rass was this music made and when I first heard jungle oh lord that was it (You’ve heard of love at first sight) the freedom to just dance all night the music - mad bass lines - the drums the speed of it all the elements i.e. the samples being used the whole shebang. There was a time in my life me and police fought like cat and dog so to go some where I could release and be free for a moment was good for me plus I loved music the dance hall was where I wanted to be.


Q4) Who inspired you growing up? Your family were members of the UK Reggae group Matumbi?

A) My inspirations growing up came from the family band. Matumbi was like the liquid in dnb Smooth warm and calm I was listening to a lot of music via David Rodigan and Tony Williams on Saturday night Sunday afternoon radio they where traditional to British house wholes And also what records I could play but Matumbi yes. When the band had to rehearse at Abbey Road studios sometimes I and my cousins would tag along and Matumbi got singed to EMI. Nothing changed apart from seeing artist like Mick Jagger & Sir Paul McCartney all jamming.


Q5) Do you think the music success from your family made you want to make music?

A) Not at all they inspired me to play music on sound systems with speaker boxes big like them old time wardrobes. My inspiration to make music came from me going to a studio not knowing it was a studio - I was on a move and had to meet someone they was in a studio. I got there and I could hear jungle thinking it was a party. Err no they were making it I was like bloodclart I stayed there all day right up until two in the morning... I will never forget that day as long I live.


Q6) How did you get into producing?

A) Honestly I was a young young Jubbz doing my thing. I was going to a studio not knowing it was a studio. I was on a move and had to meet someone they was in a studio, I got there and I could hear jungle thinking it was a party. Err no they were making it.... I was like bloodclart! I stayed there all day right up until two in the morning. I will never forget that day as long I live. That’s how I got into producing - I was music anyway but that was a day. That’s the day music saved me.


Q7) How did the link up occur with Kenny Ken?

A) LOOOL ah Kenny I watched him win the belt with his young self-playing as he does Real reggae junglist dj I admired him and Randal Andy C to they were tight as fuck When they played. I met Kenny a few times but there was one night at the Gas Club ( More memories) we clicked the next time I did see him was at music house there Was a problem and Kenny was like fuck it I will from that moment where brothers Mix and Blen Recordings started soon after we clicked it was an outlet just for one tune Which turned into an outlet for many more


Q8) You went on to help produce a top 10 hit "Bouncing Flo" can you tell us about that?

A) Bouncing Flow is very political. People were in the right place at the right time.


Q9) Your remix duties were for Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse and Shaggy that's huge! How did that come about?

A) Those opportunity’s came about via family. My cousin works at Universal - Shaggy & the hook up for that project I done when I was in Miami it was good. It was also a learning curve.


Q10) You received the "Best Global DJ 2013" award by Capital FM Radio. How did that change your career?

A) It didn’t much I must admit though it helped for when I went to Morocco.


Q11) So you also built your own sound system? Can you tell us about that?

A) At that time me and the mob wanted our own sound system because the older generation would not let us play on their sound system - it was too precious to them and I fully understand that now - so we built our own. We brought 18 inch cabinet’s speakers’ & four valve amps and stole the rest - sorry.


Q12) Back to drum and bass, what are your current top 3 tunes in your bag?

A) FFS that’s hard Ok....

1- Ramping Shop Remix- Vybz Cartel and Spice

2- Up In Smoke – Calibre

3- Love Is Not A Game – JMajik


Q13) Are you a fan of MC's? Who do you rate?

A) I rate them yes some work hard some are reliable work hard and have what it takes I rate Rhyme Thyme GQ, Fats, Cleveland, Darrison, Fearless, Skibba, Caddy Cad, Spider, Bassman, Trigga, Bellyman, Inaja, Det, Moose, Raga Twins, Navi and Dynamite.


Q14) If you could collab with any one person now, who would it be and why?

A) JJ Rosa and Photek. JJ Rosa can do it all she has a voice like Amy Winehouse. She’s one the best musicians on this planet. Photek because what’s in his head when he’s making music - I’d like to know his sound - he is just extraordinary... and Peshay.


Q15) What's up next for you music wise into 2018 now?

A) Cold Steel Records & Mix And Blen Recordings..... We have some great projects coming up..... Watch the space!


Q16) If you could take only one tune on a desert island with you, what would it be and why?

A) Roni size Watching Windows.


Q17) What has been your most memorable DJ gig?

A) Playing in the poring rain in Toronto Canada some summer outside event with Skibba and the crowd were not moving they stayed for every second... hard core TDOT.


Q18) If I gave you £20k what would you do with it and why?

A) I’d buy some land somewhere and build on it because you never know what can happen in life. Sometimes I think I’d like to build a hospital. I like to help others in need.


Q19) If I see you out, what are you drinking from the bar?

A) LOOOOL Uncle Ray and his Nephew with cranberry and lime.


Q20) Thanks for your time. Any thanks and shouts?


Bless.... big love and all the best for 2018 and beyond. Romeo and Juliet is such a big tune!! 

Interview by Missrepresent Dec 2017