Ramabeatz Interview C4R

Ramabeatz is doing some brilliant work around Maidstone and reppin' jungle and dnb hard... so we introduce you to to him and his antics with Dizzie Rascal!

Q1) Tell us about your DJ name Ramabeatz and how that came about?
A) My family name is Ramsey, I started playing drums and beatboxing which led me to the name Ramabeatz - as simple as that!

Q2) Did you grow up listening to dnb and what is it about the genre you love?
A) Yeah one hundred percent I grew up listening to jungle and dnb. My mum used to go to raves. I heared she went to Camden Palace and I always remember the "Original Nutta" track and General Levy was one of the jungle artists that I first turned my head to. Oldskool days were the best!

Q3) What made you start mixing and wanting to be a DJ, and can you remember your first gig?
A) I started off MC-ing and beatboxing, but soon had a passion for mixing and blending. I had a chance to properly DJ at Volks night club in Brighton warming up for Benny Page which I was not aware of! Madness feeling, but I always rememberd it. After that i've strived to DJ in clubs all over the UK.

Q4) You run your own nights, Crave 4 Rave. What made you start promoting and what have been your most successful nights to date?
A) Yeah Crave 4 Rave aka C4R first started doing nights with my first brand which I named P.a.r.t.y "Party Atmosphere Raving Times Yearly" and I ran that in Maidstone at Rbar next to the Loft. We had Savage Rehab headline there and the night went really well, over 350 people turned up and I was over the moon! Now I run a new event named C4R doing a few events already and all have been farely good! Well, I had a dispute at one of my last events due to a fight breaking loose however that couldnt be helped so i've took some time off to rectify what happend and how to avoid future disapointments. I have my next event coming up with yourself - Misspepresent who will be headlining for us!

Q5) Who are your top 3 DJ's / Producers?
A) Hmmm now your asking me! Ha ha this is always a hard one for any artist or raver to decide but... T>I for his sub low bassline kicks - he really does it for me. Also I cant forget Command Strange with that unique floor filling stamina vibe he brings!
I saved the best to last to mention and thats K-JAH.... i've been getting along with this great minded guy and the tracks he produces are actually out of this world - watch out for this guy as hes coming through inna da dance!

Q6) Top 3 MC's?
A) Eksman and Skittles, oh and dont forget D.R.S ....enough said.

Q7) You played for Innovation In The Sun, tell us about that experience for you.
A) It was he best feeling ever to be honest, as I played main stage there twice and had the honour of having my debut on the legendary beach party. iI went back to back MC-ing with CO'D with Chunky Bizzle and Jayline... We all warmed up for SASASAS! Thank you DJ Ollie and Innovation crew you smash it :)

Q8) You have had some involvement with IC3 Genres too?
A) Yeah get along with Ic3 really well which led him to witness my beatboxing at an Adrenaline event in Tonbridge. I then followed through networking with him to be involved in Genres. I got booked for one in Maidstone with Crissy Criss was headlining, soon to be releasing a mix for IC3 to watch this space!

Q9) What's your favourite all time dnb or jungle track?
A) Has to be PEACE LOVE UNITY Mc Fats ????

Q10) You have graced a few radio stations. Tell us about those and why radio is important to you?
A) All of the radio stations i've played at are all individually amazing and i've had good times to remember but Kool London has to be the most emotinal and most exciting experiences i've had on a radio. It's legendary and makes me feel proud that i've landed in the Kool station.

Q11) What do like most about promoting and what do you dislike?
A) As of promoting - the best feeling about it is seeing results on a designed flyer and seeing the hype that gets brought with the event - especially if the numbers attended are there and the amtosphere is rocking. The down fall of promoting in my opinion is the loss if things i.e costs for hire! Ha ha and on a real, I hate the negatives when people don't wanna help me promote. Yes it's my brand but promoting helps with others if everyone could chip in things would be a alot easier.

Q12) Tell us about Pure Sciene and the Dizzee Rascal event in Maidstone.
A) Being my first time booked for Pure Science I was so chuffed and so happy but when I found out Dizzee Rascal was appearing all madness broke loose lol! The vibes there was unreal! I hosted for DJ Cropz in a room on the night there called The Courtyard which went really well. After that walking into the mainroom to see Dizzee Rascal performing, the fun happend. I was backstage as well to actually having a down to earth with Diz and couldn't of met a nicer person. This night will always be in my heart for ever.

Q13) If you could take one tune on a desert island, what would it be?
A) S.P.Y - By Your Side.

Q14) What gigs have you got coming up and what would be your dream gig?
A) My dream gig is to play at Glastonbury and Boomtown. As of gigs- ive got my event coming up which ill be DJing at and also spring and summer bookings in Amsterdam, Ibiza and London. I'm also booked at the HOP FEST too.

Q15) If I gave you ten grand, what would you do with it?
A) Straight easy answer.... a car, funds towards a dream studio and a nice break somewere hot.

Q16) Fast cars and fast music or fast food and fast internet?
A) Fast cars and fast music I think!

Q17) What up and coming DJ's and MC's do you rate at the moment?
A) If i'm honest I dont really follow MCs nowadays but as a promoter - MC Grima and Impact with Stamina MC for his stage presence.... my fav DJ is always like us many, ANDY C!

Q18) Tell us a bit about your residents at C4R and why a good team is important to you.
A) My residents have built a mutual respect with me and shown nothing but support and hype at my events that i've done. They're important to me because they are apart of the C4R heart aswell and they help keep it beating with the drums.

Q19) What have been your most memorable nights?
A) As a raver in Amsterdam at an Innovation event I was in a very bad but ravey wavey way lol. Lots of artists that night they made it happen big ups Hazard,Trigga and Bassman, a superb 2011! 

Q20) Thanks for your time, any shouts and thanks?
A) Yes big ups to you for doing this interview with me and love to my Mum and son all my friends an supporters helping me your all though about and loved so much. 2018 i'm more than ready, thank you again Aliina aka Missrepresent! See you on the 24th in Maidstone!

Interview by Missrepresent Feb 2018