MC Kiss

MC Kiss is lyrically standing out in drum and bass at the moment, with high energy and great worth ethic. We catch up with her in January 2018 to find out a little more... 

Q1) Thanks for your time out! How was Christmas and New Year for you?
A) This year was a little different for me usually i'd be at Rough Tempo for Christmas and booked at a rave for for NYE, but sadly due to a death in the family I spent some much needed time with loved ones whilst manifesting new ideas and plans for future music.  

Q2) Going back to when you were growing up, what music were you listening to and how did you get into dnb?
A) I grew up on garage and old school trance before my mum started working in london as a doorwomen bringing home jungle mixtape packs. After this I always had a keen interest. I then met like minded people and its progressed into a passion and love.  

Q3) Why did you want to be a MC and when did you first pic up a mic?
A) I started writing to release pain and anger from past experiences, only ever rapping in bedrooms to put the world to rights untill 2012, when I went to Nass Festival and met a few emcees and showed them what I could do. Later that day they asked me to jump on stage with them and from there I progressed.

Q4) Where are you based at present and what local nights are doing well at the moment?
A) I'm based in Folkestone / Kent. Zensay and Subfuzion are doing well which I'm involved in.

Q5) You have played at some pretty big nights across the UK. Which ones stand out for you and why?
A) The ones that stand out the most for me have always been AWOL and Epidemic. Firstly for their legendary line ups and second for their postive vibes. 

Q6) Who are your top 5 favouite MCs and how would you describe your style?
A) Trumatik, Funsta, IC3, Chester P and Deelaydee. 
I would describe my flow as content orientated with a collective style.

Q7) What's coming up for you this year?
A) I have a few international bookings which include Malta, Belgium and Germany. I'm also recording a track and video with the GTA crew and mini mix with Basscakes. 
Im also working on 3 hip hop tracks with emcees Innovative, Moraless, Omus and singer Poppy Wilson. 

Q8) Tell us of your involvement with GTA and what's coming up we can look out for?
A) We are all currently working on a track to be released Apri / May, also continuing our radio shows and bookings.  

Q9) If you could take one track on a desert island, what would it be and why?
A) It's gotta be High Contrast Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I love the vocals and mix between two genres.  

Q10) What's your top 3 tunes right now?
A)Trumatik - Powers 
   Benny L - Low Blow 
   Serum & Voltage - Paradise 

Q11) If you could work with anyone who would it be and why?
A) I would love to work with Trumatik because of his inspiring elevated lyrical content. His work rate is impressive and to watch someone run his own business without any help is inspiring. 

Q12) If I gave you £20k what would you do with it?
A) If I had 20k I would love to start my own label and raise it up to running my own events and finally a festival, purely dedicated to raw talent and rasing vibrations. 

Q13) Do you have your own mic and what mic's would you recommend?
A) I currently have a SM58 but would recommend a flat top Ev. 

Q14) What are your goals for the next 3 years?
A) To continue my career within dnb and hiphop progressing further into the scene and building solid foundations, releasing e.p's quarterly with like minded artists. I would also like to start my own radio from home which a has a soul purpose of bringing awareness to mental health and underlining issues society has, by giving artists a voice and platform to express their views and issues and help others who are struggling with similar situations.

Q15) Thanks for your time! Any shouts and thanks?
A) It's been my pleasure, i would like to thank Zensay for all the opportunities they have presented me with and their hard work and dictation to the scene. 
Massive shout out to my GTA girls for always pushing me. 

Big love to original people who brought me in Mc Co'defender and dj cropz & thanks to Missrepresent for putting me forward for this interview.

Interview by Missrepresent Jan 2018.