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After winning Junglist Network’s 2016 DJ competition and recently releasing the latest ‘Future Classics’ album Twitch is getting a lot of attention right now, going from skilled scratch DJ to one of the hottest acts of the year. On top of this he has racked up well over 100k views with his scratch routines so we thought now would be a great time to have a chat about how things have changed and what we can expect going forward. Big shouts to Junglist Network for arranging this. Be sure to check out their site for regular news, videos and more.

Q1) Thanks for the interview! How has 2017 been for you?

A1) No worries at all. Yeah 2017 has been a fantastic year for me thanks, putting together the Junglist Network future classics mix CD has been a great experience

Q2) How have things changed for you since winning the Junglist Network DJ competition?

A2) A lot to be honest! Being affiliated with Junglist Network has definitely helped me reach a much bigger audience for my mixes and videos

Q3 ) With the newest ‘Future Classics Album’ now completed how are you feeling?

A3) Ahhh man it has been a long journey! I hadn’t been involved in anything like that before so didn’t realise how much work it takes. But yeah I am really happy with the way the mix came out

Q4) How would you describe your mixing style to people who have never heard you play?

A4) I mostly play the bouncy stuff which people recognise (sister nancy remixes and all that) I find that stuff goes down well with pretty much everyone. I mix quickly and always plan some sort of logical flow to my sets. To be honest I tend to plan at least 50% of any set I play out, that way I can plan in scratch routines and other turntablist tricks

Q5) How would you say your style has evolved over the years?

A5) My DJ style has evolved a lot over the years, I started out playing more hip hop and focusing strictly on the routines, so for many years it was just me in my room with two copies of what ever record I could find just learning the art of beat juggling. Over the years I started to focus more on putting dj sets together and incorporating bits of turntablism into them, at the same time I got more heavily into jungle drum n bass

In terms or playing out I’ve got a lot more confident in the last couple of years, I used to be a nervous wreck before playing to a crowd these days I only get a bit shaky lol.

Q6) Do you have a signature scratch routine? If so what is it?

A6) For some stupid reason I tend to make a routine, record a video, put it out and then never doing the routine again. There are only a couple of routines that I still do regularly one is with Serial Killaz remix of the Wipeout tune and the other is with Mavrik and Wicka remix of I Feel Good by James Brown

Q7) You previously expressed your love of competitions, is this something you continue to have an interest in and what competitions are your favourite?

A7) Haha yeah I have admitted to being a bit of a dj competition slut! I have done the DMC online for the last few years and a one to win a festival set at the Shindig Weekender and of course the Junglist Network 2016 comp

These days most battling is done online so you don’t have the worry of having to perform some perfect routine in real time, you can keep retrying until you get a video take you are happy with. I am following all the major online competitions and am seriously considering entering the Red Bull Threestyle next year, it’s more about party rocking that full on turntablism

Q8) When did you start DJing and what has kept you passionate about it?

A8) I started around 2006 so over ten years now! But I’ve only really taken it seriously for the last 3 years or so. My main interest is with the turntablism so I guess that is what has kept me interested, it’s all pretty nerdy stuff tbh

Q9) Who would you say influences your style of mixing?

A9) My favourite dj of all time is JFB, I can’t really elaborate on that one too much because when my missus and mates read this they will take the piss out of me for being such a fanboy

Q10) Having worked in a record shop you must have collected a good amount of vinyl. Did you ever find any hidden gems and if so do you still have them?

A10) Yeah man that was a great period of my life, I wasn’t really being paid for working in the shop but I was buying and selling vinyl for a living. I would pay a fixed rate of 50p a piece and would sell them in the shop or on discogs / ebay for what ever I could get for them. The one I remember was Hype – Super Sharp Shooter EP in mint condition which I somehow sold for fifty quid!

Unfortunately I didn’t keep any of the good stuff as I was desperate for cash so these days I only really own sample records.

Q11) Did working in the record shop have an influence on your style and how you perform during a set?

A11) Yeah definitely, the owner of the shop was a serious turntablist and because he taught me the basics I think that I’ve kept a bit of that mentality

Q12) You were born in England and have lived in Malta and Spain right? How does the scene there differ from the UK scene?

A12) Yeah that’s right I’m from Bournemouth originally, lived in Malta for nearly 5 years and then I moved to Spain a few months back. The scene in Malta was pretty dead for most of the time I lived there as they tend to love their cheesy house music. A scene did start developing recently thanks to some crews who just kept on pushing Jungle and DnB on the island, now they are starting to book big acts such as Congo Natty and the Prototypes etc. Quite annoyingly the scene really developed there just after I left! But it’s all good as it gives me a good reason to go back to play gigs and see my mates there

Spain has a thriving jungle scene, there is so much talent around at the moment but I would say the South Yard lot(Kursiva, Karlixx, Mooncat and Dubtime) are definitely ones to look out for.

Q13) What was the best show you have played at?

A13) Played before Congo Natty at a festival once, that was a good one!

Q14) Do you have a favourite venue? Where is it and what makes it so special?

A14) Has to be the Opera House in Bournemouth, I grew up in that place

Q15) Do you have a favourite festival? Why do you like that particular festival.

A15) Shindig Weekender it’s a multi genre festy but they always pay proper attention to the DnB stage, check it out

Q16) Have you checked out the site? If so what do you like about it?

A16) Yeah man love it, any site dedicated to Jungle DnB gets my vote

Q17) What can we expect from you in the future?

A17) More regular scratch videos and mixes. And maybe even another mix CD

Q18) Any shoutouts?

A18) Yeah massive shout to Will at Junglist Network for all the support and advice this last year

Big up man!

A big thank you to Twitch for taking the time to have a chat with us! Make sure you check out twitch's social media pages along with the Junglist Network site for regular updates on all things Jungle.

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You can purchase the full Future Classics release mixed by Twitch HERE.


Interview by Artie Jones December 2017